The quality that has withstood the test of time

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The quality that has withstood the test of time

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Poultry farming

SAMBIRSKA PTAKHOFABRYKA raises more than 3 million chickens annually. Poultry farming is the next important step in the vertical integration of our company. Our chickens are raised in spacious and airy poultry houses equipped with automated systems of ventilation and conditioning (microclimate), mechanical systems to deliver feed and water, which creates comfortable conditions for their development and growth. Chicken feed consists primarily of the home-produced meal and follows a four-stage diet plan developed by the team of our dietary technologists. This ensures an optimal and balanced supply of essential nutrients throughout the growing cycle.

For over 20 years, we have been continuously improving the production format, which combines the advantages of farming and industrial approaches to chicken production and allows us to offer the highest quality of eco-products. TM ECO KURCHA is fully responsible for all stages of chicken production.


Feed production is one of the main activities of LLC "SAMBIRSKA PTAKHOFABRYKA"- we grow our own feed for our chickens. This is a fundamental stage of the vertical integration of production processes implemented at our enterprise. We carefully select raw materials and monitor the quality of each component. Our labs routinely check the quality of all the feed components- both self-produced and supplied, thus ensuring the highest quality meat for our consumers.


SAMBIRSKA PTAKHOFABRYKA daily provides its consumers with a wide range of chicken products. Our main task is the ongoing, continuous production of fresh chicken meat, which meets the highest international standards of quality and food safety. Our quality has been verified by ISO 22000 certificate (reference to the certificate), which guarantees a high level of food safety of all manufacturing processes of our products. The production lines are fully equipped with the high class modern technologies, which together with other aspects of organic farming has allowed us to create safe and comfortable working conditions, raise healthy poultry and supply our consumers with quality meat.

We are a unique production in a way that we have developed and implemented a perfect algorithm of vertical integration and a continuous cycle of poultry farming. Given this, ECO KURCHA provides its customers with quality chicken on the ongoing basis all year round.

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Modern technology

Recent decades have brought a lot of technological advancements which significantly transformed chicken production globally. Automation and modernization of all the major stages allows us to constantly improve working conditions as well as the processes of poultry farming and manufacturing. This led to an organic increase in production, improving the efficiency and productivity of the poultry farm. Automated feed production and granulation lines, constant control of the temperature, automated supply of food and water, modern systems of audit and efficiency record- all these make us a highly competitive player on the chicken meat market.


What makes a successful production nowadays is, together with the range of other important factors, its full compliance with international biosafety standards. Apart from the production capacity, our enterprise has the department which deals with utilization of the production waste. Disposal units recycle 100 percent of all our waste, which means that we do not cause any harm to the environment and operate in full compliance with the environmental legislation (more details can be provided upon request). We have been granted the ISO 22000 certificate which serves as a guaranty that all our products are not only safe and of high quality, but also manufactured in accordance with the European requirements of biosafety and environmental protection.

Quality control

The company constantly monitors the quality of manufactured products. The team of veterinarians and technologists conduct regular check-ups of the flock, by laboratory tests on site and in independent laboratories. Daily control of the microclimate in poultry houses, water and feed consumption indicators, continuous monitoring of compliance with sanitary and veterinary norms and disinfection protocols allow to promptly amend the process of raising poultry and achieve the desired results. Quality control of our meat products is carried out daily by an independent veterinary expert. The quality is verified and certified for every single batch of our products.

Energy independence

The principles of organic farming which we apply in our production naturally mean that we care about the environment. To achieve energy independence and minimize the impact of our activities on the environment, we have equipped our buildings with solar panels and generate green electricity daily at our own generating stations to meet the needs of our production.

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The quality that has withstood the test of time

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