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Unique scheme of vertical integration

Vertical integration

Our activity consists of interconnected vertically integrated processes, which allows us to fully control the quality of products and constantly improve the algorithm at each stage.

Vertical integration for us- it is our great opportunity to quickly and efficiently implement modern technologies for raising our flock and producing meat, as well as promptly respond to new challenges with timely management decisions.

Advantages of vertically integrated production system:

  • Optimization of feed consumption through continuous improvement in the genetics and nutrition plans of broiler chicken
  • Faster growing chicken means minimized labor costs, reduced equipment operation and resource use. It also greatly reduces environmental impact
  • Research and development of advanced programs to ensure the health and comfort of chickens
  • All -year -round production and supply of nutritious, delicious, simple and versatile meat at affordable price

Let’s take a closer look at our production and the stages of vertical integration of SAMBIRSKA PTAKHOFABRYKA.


Since 2008, SAMBIRSKA PTAKHOFABRYKA has been a single tax payer of Group 4 as an agricultural producer, in which the share of agricultural production for the tax year is equal to or exceeds 75%. Our company successfully cultivates agricultural land that is close to our production facilities. Adhering to the correct technology of wheat production and grain storage, we achieve high economic performance. In order to effectively use the potential of land for grain production, we have formed an effective structure of our sown areas.


The unit of feed production and granulation is one of the integral components of a successful model of operation of the SAMBIRSKA PTAKHOFABRYKA. Using the advanced tillage technologies and modern automated equipment for processing cereals and sunflowers, we produce premium feed and can absolutely guarantee its exceptional quality. By this, we can achieve the desired performance and poultry health without any additional growth stimulants. We use corn, wheat, soybeans and sunflowers to feed our chickens. All identified in the process of growing poultry needs for additional nutrients, are met with carefully selected vitamin-mineral complexes. We buy vitamin blends and supplements only from leading European manufacturers, which further ensures the high quality of our products. An additional guarantee of safety, quality and optimal digestibility of feed is their granulation, as the final stage of feed production. The technology of using steam and pressing in the granulation process promotes optimal absorption of all nutrients and ensures the safety of all ingredients.

Growing of chickens

The process of raising our poultry begins with careful preparation of poultry houses -large spacious rooms, which regularly undergo strictly regulated laboratory-controlled washing and disinfection to ensure comfortable and efficient conditions for poultry farming. The use of modern methods of disinfection allows us to raise our chickens in safe conditions and prevent any diseases. The suppliers of day-old chicks for our company are the leading incubators of Hungary and Poland, which guarantees good genetics and bird health. We get the desired performance through automated systems of food and water supply, as well as by creating special microclimate for best living conditions. The company uses a floor keeping approach. This system is internationally recognized and provides decent housing conditions. Rearing of our chickens is closely monitored by the team of highly qualified veterinarians and technologists. The organizational structure of our poultry divisions provides the optimal number of employees for constant control and maintenance of sanitary requirements and comfortable living conditions of chickens. The result is healthy poultry, home-produced feed which ensures a balanced diet, uninterrupted access to fresh clean water and optimal microclimate.


High quality chicken is our priority! To provide our customers with fresh and high-quality meat on a daily basis, we diligently monitor compliance with all sanitary and hygienic standards at each stage of production. To ensure the safest conditions of the production we follow the sanitary and hygienic protocols. We developed a disinfection algorithm, which takes into account our exact needs as well as bacteriological and viral status of our region. It includes the range of disinfection schemes for the territory, premises, preventive schemes for the poultry (epidemiological control), labour safety training for the staff and helps to successfully maintain appropriate microbiological status of the poultry. After all, continuous laboratory monitoring of poultry health, timely and high-quality vaccination, as well as compliance with the requirements of safe disinfection of the premises are all integral aspects of production of environmentally- and consumer- friendly, safe meat. We guarantee the highest level of sanitary control which has been certified by the international food quality system ISO 22000. The measures which have been implemented to meet this standard not only increase our competitiveness in the poultry market, but also guarantee our consumers high quality products.


Modern technologies, nutritious diets, automated processes and effective management system allow us to provide the market of chicken with high quality delicious meat continuously and without any interruptions. We produce chicken meat taking into account the needs of consumers and offer an individual approach to our customers. Such flexibility has been obtained by vertical integration of all production processes. By this, we can adjust and regulate our product range and quantity of chicken produced depending on market needs. The concept of organic and eco-friendly poultry farming which has been implemented and followed means that we do not use antibiotics, hormonal drugs and other harmful chemicals at any stage of our production. Our meat processing complex operates according to ISO 22000 standards and guarantees a high level of food safety.


One of the final stages of our vertically integrated chain is the delivery of chicken directly to the consumer. The logistics department uninterruptedly delivers fresh products to different parts of Ukraine. Our logistic managers promptly form orders and routes for fast and high-quality meat delivery. The availability of modern transport of various capacities allows us to meet the individual needs of customers in terms of time, frequency and volume of delivery. All vehicles are equipped with appropriate refrigerators that maintain the quality and ensure freshness of the product, regardless of the length and durability of the route.

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